How To Store Kegs

One of the most important roles when throwing a party is to get the beer pouring perfect for you and your guests. Draught beer or cider is a brew that is dispensed from either a keg or a cask, pushed through a beer cooler whilst being mixed with gas to get ice-cold refreshing beer.

There are 3 main points to look out for when storing your kegs.

  • Temperature - Kegs should be stored and dispensed between 5 – 8°C or 0 - 5.°C if possible.
  • Pressure - Pressure will differ between the various brands, styles and types of beer. Because of this, we have our own engineers that will set these pressures for you.
  • Let the keg settle - When you receive a keg we recommend that you let the keg settle for at least 48 hours.
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